Community Arts Projects

Round Midnight Creative Arts have run many successfully part and fully funded Community Arts projects. Our projects aim to help the most disadvantaged individuals within the community and use a range of creative art techniques including comedy, film and Virtual Reality.

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"I have attended courses since Positives Moves but I have never experienced anything as good as this. It was interactive, fun and amazing!"
Participant of Positive Moves
March 2020 2013 Cohort
As well as the exceptional and realistic performances, the actors managed to encapsulate very real situations that our students may find themselves in.
Andy Smith discussing Cutting Ties
Head of Year at Hamstead Hall Academy
Hot-Seating activity was extremely good. Giving the pupils a chance to question the key characters. Helped develop understanding and empathy. Superb!
Park Side Middle School Logo
Teacher discussing Cutting Ties
Teach at Park Side Middle School

Our Supporters

Our community arts projects would not reach the individuals within the community without the support of many partner organisations.
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